Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Captivate and Camtasia Interfaces


Captivate interface is similar to PowerPoint. In Captivate you have the deck of slides on the left column and the stage in the middle area. Each slide has an individual timeline that works independently. You add all the elements you need into the same "stage" area. If you need more time per slide, you have to stretch the slide to accommodate the information.

Left column "toolbar". Center upper Applications bar, center middle "control panel", center middle underneath control panel "stage", center lower part "timeline". Right column "panels"
Captivate Interface


Camtasia reassembles the workflow of a movie editor such as iMovie or Vegas. This program assembles projects as a continuous video. You add element such as text, graphics, and audio to the same timeline in different tracks as necessary. Each element you add occupies an specific space in the timeline. You may add or stretch elements in the timeline as needed. 

Picture of Camtasia interface with labels pointing at the different parts. Left up menus, left middle clip bin, left lower tracks. Right up canvas, right middle task tabs, left lower timeline
Camtasia Interface

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Captivate - Camtasia - Snagit

Logos for Captivate, Camtasia and Snagit
Captivate, Camtasia and Snagit logos

The following chart will give you essential information regarding Captivate, Camtasia and Snagit. At this point in time the functionality of the two screencast programs Adobe Captivate and TechSmith Camtasia are very similar. It is up to the user to decide what program to use. 
The PC and Mac versions of Camtasia are very different from each other. So far Camtasia Mac slags behind the PC counterpart.

Every faculty and staff member of Cal State Fullerton can obtain a free copy of the programs mentioned before.

Here is how:
For your Laptop — walk-in to ATC - PLS-237
For your Desktop — call xt. 7777
For Home use go here

Please be aware that Captivate is only available for campus use, therefore it needs to be installed by IT or ATC staff members

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Media Room Best Practices 8

About your Presentation

The videos should be the foundation for high order thinking, analysis, and application skills; they should be stepping stones towards the goals of the class.

Title the modules.

Have clear objectives for each section.

Provide examples.

Provide links to videos, websites, blogs, etc.

Provide links to reading.

Create short assessments to let students self check understanding.

Provide review options for wrong answers.

Help students process the information while watching the video by providing a note taking guide in the form of a pdf attachment.

Effective videos are 15 minutes maximum