Zaption provides educational videos that can be added to any lesson. Join for free and explore the site. 

NBC Learn Higher Ed is a repository of more than 50 years of news. Each video or document is collected in a "CueCard" that could be annotated and put in a play list for future reference. Each record provides ideas on how to integrate the resource into the classroom. Cal State Fullerton students, faculty and staff can access this resource for free. Go to the portal and click on NBC Learn. Cal State University San Jose put together this collection of images that can be used for educational purposes.

Center for development and learning is a website dedicated to professional learning for educators; this site is student centered. this is one of my favorite sites full of news and information on education and technology. is a site where you could create lesson using your iPad or a browser. You can add graphics, audio, and interactive writing.

Website that helps you create websites and portfolios:
  • Teaching Portfolio. Website from Vanderbilt University.
  • helps you create your own website for free. Easy to use.
  •, Website from the University Center for the Advancement of Teaching. is a website full of exciting lesson that anyone could use. Browse the lesson and see if you could find something to use for your class. In this website you can find resources and tutorials for all the Adobe academic products. a great resource to find inspiration or the video that contains specific concepts for your lesson. Add a video or use a video. Teachers also can start their own channel and create a repository of their own projects. is a site where students can buy and sell class notes. Find your school, class, and teacher. Deposit your notes or search for a specific class. There are hundreds of notes already there waiting for buyers.   read more is a website that contains a repository of world wide stories covering current events. The articles are catalogued under different headings such as: War and Peace, Science, Kids, Money, Law, Health, and Arts. 
Each report is edited and adapted to different levels of literacy. Teachers may assign the readings according to grade or reading level. The site has quizzes linked to each article to check understanding; teacher have access to the analytics to review the performance of students.  read more  This website is a showcase of professionally made videos related to all the Adobe products. A great learning resource.

Acrobat Tutorials here

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