Friday, August 29, 2014

Ad-hoc Drawing Tool Compatible with Adobe Captivate

I am searching for a solution to write math equations during a live presentation in Adobe Connect. Users of Connect had shared a variety of information.

My initial consideration is the two ways you can draw in Adobe Connect. First, Connect has a whiteboard option that let you draw with the mouse or mouse enabled devices inside one of the pods (window) of the interface; I find difficult to control the mouse for writing, therefore I need to test a pen-like instrument. The second option is to "share the screen" inside Connect, with this option a different program is used and Connect displays the full screen image on the viewing pod.  This means that I may be able to use a different program and either a stylus pen, or a Wacom tablet to write with. 

The use of a tablet as a writing board is more common since the touch screens appeared. Some people had used the ThinkPad W700 (Win8) with its included stylus, and the Samsung Note 8 with VirtualTablet app. In either case they experienced poor pen response when using the whiteboard in Connect. I have not come in contact with anyone that had used the iPad with Connect yet.

I had found just a few recent comments and suggestions for using annotations tools with Connect. In older posts (2010 - 2013) most people mentioned the use of tablets such as the Bamboo Wacom. However, there were complains of broken strokes and display delays.

I will be exploring the use of the iPad as a writing pad. I am researching to see how can I connect the the iPad with Connect. Our University deployed iPads to all our faculty members. I need to learn about and test apps that have good reviews for precise writing and effective connection.

Adobe Connect can be used on tablets that supports Flash. iPads do not support Flash, perhaps I could use learn how to integrate an iPad into an online meeting or webinar. I think if I use a tablet I can take advantage of the touch screen to annotate with a stylus.

There is lots to explore, I will keep looking for others that had used or are thinking about using annotating devices and apps in Connect. I need to exchange ideas. 

logo three silhouettes in front of a screen
Adobe Connect Logo

blue and black stylus pen
Stylus pen

black tablet with a stylus pen
Bamboo Wacom Tablet with Stylus

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Personalized Learning

This infographic from, compares traditional learning with one-on-one learning and explains how the latter benefit learners.